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Baby Shakespeare

Baby Shakespeare
zoom imageBaby Shakespeare 

Baby Shakespeare

Baby Shakespeare
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The fourth "video board book" from the Baby Einstein folks is their most engaging product yet. Aimed at slightly older audiences (ages 1 to 4), Baby Shakespeare combines poetry with the usual mix of festive classical music, bright objects, and happy thoughts designed to stimulate young minds. This video is aimed at exposing little tykes to the language context. Twelve words (grass, tree, etc.) are explored in pictures and poem form with plenty of playful stops for kids singing their ABC's and close-ups of brightly colored toys in action. Older kids can follow the poetry in a beautiful enclosed picture book of poem text and sharp outdoor photography. We even meet Baby Einstein's first host: a dragon puppet named Bard, who (along with his friends) playfully participates in the action. He deserves a repeat performance. --Doug Thomas
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